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Always Organic, Always Natural Our Choice

Organic Skin Care for Men

We use organic and non-GMO ingredients because in our experience they are of better quality and better for the world we live in. Genetically modified crops may have extremely high levels of potentially harmful herbicides and pesticides. We prefer ingredients in our skin care products that grow naturally and gentle on our bodies as well as our planet. 

We are proud to support a community of organic and non-GMO farmers that choose to grow crops harmoniously with community.

We believe this world is an interconnected web and we choose to make products that are good for your skin, and good for the natural world. 


COPA: California Organic Products Act

What is COPA?
COPA is one of the most rigorous standards in the world. In the State of California, the California Organic Products Act of 2003 (COPA 2003) prohibits the retail sale of any cosmetic product labeled as “organic” unless that product meets the criteria of a minimum of 70% organic content Excluding water, any product labeled “organic” that does not meet COPA requirements cannot legally be sold in the State of California. 


We are working on getting our Leaping Bunny certification.  Our products and our ingredients are animal free and cruelty free.  Never to be tested on animals!