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Our Story


Mill Station No. 1 was founded in Sonoma County, California to bring together the natural strength of timeless ingredients with a company ethic of honesty and simplicity. Our passion is to raise the bar for men’s personal care. Too many products on the market contain ingredients that are harmful, irritating, drying, or which may have negative health effects. Too few are formulated with men’s preferences and needs in mind. Mill Station No. 1 solves this problem.


Many generations of men have found practical solutions to common personal care concerns. Oil field workers in the southwest United States were the first to discover that residue from crude machinery softened their hands. As a result, petroleum jelly was turned into a widely used ingredient in skin care products. Mill Station No. 1 brings this functional attitude to the production of its products without adding harmful ingredients. Our belief is that what is healthy and sustainable is the most efficient.


Our company is passionate about its products and its people. We believe honest-dealing, respect, and hard work are necessary for a sustainable business and for a well-lived life. Time and labor are some of the most valuable things humans can give. Because of this, Mill Station No. 1 creates a working environment that recognizes the dignity of work needed to create our exceptional products.