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Christmas Time Candle
Loggers' Pine Candle
Mercantile Candle 4 oz.

Mercantile Candle 4 oz.

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The Mill Station No.1 Mercantile has launched our candle collection,  100% natural soy wax with hemp wick.  We hand-pour in small batches, artistically crafted in Fort Bragg California.  No synthetic fragrance, Phthalate free infused with natural essential oils. 

Our candles come in 3 different scents:


Fresh smelling lemongrass brightens up the house. 

Loggers' Pine

Enjoy the smell of our Loggers' Pine beard balm then you are love this candle which is scented with the same essential oil blend.



This candle is wood blend of Cedarwood,  Copaiba Balsam and orange. 


Candle Tips & Tricks...

-Make sure to burn your candle until you get a full wax melt pool all the way across the diameter, to prevent tunneling.
-burn your candle away from drafts and air vents to prevent a flicking flame which can cause soot buildup around your candle
-Never leave a candle burning out of sight or for more than 3 hrs at a time as this can be a fire hazard